How come you still can provide tickets when other Box Offices are sold out?
We sell, buy, and trade tickets to concerts, shows, musicals, and sports events in Sweden and Europe. The mutual trading with other companies in the travel, event, and marketing industries generates a flow of printed tickets in this market.

May I reserve tickets by phone?
No, unfortunately not. These tickets are very rare and sold in real time only, due to their market value. The value may fluctuate depending on supply, demand, and cost price for each ticket.

What does "Call for Information" mean?
There might not be too many tickets in the market at that particular time. However, you may unreservedly sign up for our waiting list by calling us. You will then be contacted if, and when, there are tickets available again.

Why can't I get any information on which particular chairs are available?
Part of our service is for every single event to judge which chairs are good or better on a basis of several parameters.

Why do I need to register in order to be able to order tickets?
It is common practice when ordering online or by mail that you state your name, address and phonenumber, so that Customer Service may get in contact with you should any question regarding your order arise. The data will NOT be shared with or sold to other companies.

We booked three seats, is it safe to assume that our seats will be next to each other?
Yes, unless it is otherwise stated (for example: Single Seats) next to where you order the desired number of seats. However, sometimes due to high demand bigger parties may be split up and placed 2 or 3 people next to each other.

I have booked some tickets, may I go to an ATG-agency to have my tickets printed?
No, unfortunately not. The tickets we are selling are already once printed.

When will I get my tickets?
Do not worry! As soon as your account is charged (i.e. immediatly) you are guaranteed to have your ticket eventually. For every order printed tickets need to match the number of seats and different quality of seats. All orders are despatched in turn.

Why is there a higher/ lower price printed on the ticket?
The amount printed on the ticket is the initial cost a.k.a. the Face Value of the ticket. In Sweden we do not reprint tickets when the ticket is traded at a different amount than face value. Our pricing stems from principles such as supply & demand of every particular event, and also the different qualities (soundwise, distance to stage, etc.) in every seat, and of course the cost price for each ticket!

Why is there a name (not mine) printed on the ticket I have received from you?
We buy and trade tickets that once have been booked by and sold to a company or a person. (Box offices in Sweden do not accept tickets in return hence the service we provide for companies that find out that they have spare tickets). To reprint the ticket with your name on it would add to expenses and result in higher prices for the end consumer, i.e. you.

I have a standing ticket to an event, now my friends have 2 seating tickets. May we trade the tickets so that we all may sit or stand together?
It is part of our service to enable such trades when possible for a small fee. Please be ready to state the section, row, and seat numbers when contacting us on these matters.

What does Single seat mean?
It means that if you would order two of these seats they would not be next to each other. Single Seats are in most cases less expensive compared to seats that need to be matched since it leaves greater flexibility for us to meet requirements.

What does Last Minute Delivery mean?
You may book tickets on the website close to the date, or even on the same night as an event, and then have your order delivered to a pick up place near the venue. We always contact you to confirm your order and details regarding your pick up!

Why can I only have the Face Value refunded when an event is cancelled?
It is up to you to check if an event has been cancelled. The face value (i.e. the price printed on the ticket) is refunded to you by the organiser of the event. Any amount over face value includes costs for our special service and will not be refunded.

Would it be possible to cancel my purchase?
Event tickets cannot be refunded after purchase, which is common practise in Sweden. We are occasionally open to discuss the possibility of some kind of exchanging of your tickets.